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Computer Programmers


Are you missing business goals , or maybe feel like your business is treading water? How would you like to learn how to move forward and improve efficiency? Your business may have outdated or ineffective processes. MedXperts will review your existing systems and identify process deficiencies that are causing your challenges, while also creating improved systems to streamline your processes. Once we've uncovered the problem we will put together a list of tools to optimize your productivity and set up an implementation plan to help you achieve your goals.

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Working Together


What do you do when your revenue is not where you want it to be? The immediate answer to this question is, increase sale, and that is always a great solution to improve revenue, but what if you have a cash flow problem? That means that even with increased sales, you have a hole in your bucket that is leaking revenue. Our team is trained to problem solve and detect the problems that may be affecting your cash flow. For example, are your claims being billed properly? Incorrectly billed claims will immediately clog up your cash flow. We understand the nooks and crannies of medical billing to uncover even the smallest errors that can affect your revenue. 

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Business People


Are you looking to improve the overall operations of your business ? Our team can come in and critique everything from your front office to your back-office systems. Our consulting services include everything from training and development to customer service. We meet you where you are and then help you where you want to be.

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Pay Bills


When you're constructing a puzzle, one missing piece distorts the entire picture. The same is true with your medical billing. The smallest mistake can augment your entire process and affect your revenue cycle. Whether you outsource your medical billing to us or we partner with your billers, we will ensure your claims are submitted properly while providing the proper documentation to support the actions taken. To guarantee no stone is left unturned, we consistently stay educated on upcoming trends and changes in billing and codes to serve you better. 

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Real Coin


Are you leaving money on the table because you have not been properly credentialed? MedXperts works with our customers to set up credentials for all payers, ensuring no opportunity is lost. Without credentialing, you risk getting paid at a lesser rate, affecting your anticipated revenue. Lack of credentialing also  affects your ability to receive referrals for Employee Assistance 

Programs (EAP) .

Credentialing can be a tedious and overwhelming process. MedXperts is expertly trained on credentialing, giving us the credibility to not only handle this process for you but educate your billers in the process.

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